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Thanks for the clarification Dadoo. I had no idea that this discussion was really about Bill Clinton. While I usually pop in and out of here quite a view times a day, on the whole, it's briefly, so I don't really read everything thoroughly.

Anyway, believe it or not, I happen to have Bill Clinton's chart *LOL*....and well....the truth of the matter is that he honestly and truly was severely hurt by some female in his life.....and most likely it was his mother. Re the Grandmother....I'm not sure of that. I'd have to look at it in greater depth. Bills, Hillary's and Monica's charts had been a big topic of disscussion in the Astrological society. I looked (at the beginning) ever so briefly, but as most of the discussion was to rip them all apart or excuse them....I chose not to be a party to any of it.

My love of Astrology is founded on the fact that it can be a fantastic tool for awareness and healing, with healing being the paramount issue. If it's used otherwise....I'm out of there.

O.k.! So now that I've re~peeked at his chart, let me tell you a bit about the REAL Bill Clinton. As I said up above, he really and truly was scarred early on and he does have a desire to please....but...that is not ALL he's about...and he's not the only human being (sad to say) that can sing that sad and woeful song.

Believe it or not, Bill Clinton is really very idealistic...and while I know this is going to sound even stranger....he's very Spiritual. I'll explain!

Do you recall all of the stories about how President John Kennedy was his "be all and end all" for an inspiration and a role model? Well, that was a prime example of his idealizing! (Some example btw if you ask me in lieu of all of the reported womanizing JFK did!)

Do you recall how after the news of his sexual indescretions went public Bill Clinton repeatedly said that he was meeting with his "Spiritual Advisors"??? Personally, I understood that but I found it REALLY ironic that in a government that so strongly espouses the separation of church and state, here he is, the Commander in Chief of one of the most powerful countries in the world, in trouble up to his eyebrows (and then some) and his MAIN course of action is to have "Spiritual "Pow~Wows"!!!! :-0


I shocked beyond words that I didn't hear so much as ONE teeny weeny "boo" from the American people on that score, so in my estimation the populace is a bit ~two~faced~ as well.

Believe it or not, Bill's worst nightmares and also his greatest gift....happened when the "stuff" hit the fan. His greatest fear (and this is straight from his chart) is "public humiliation"...and yet...WHOA! We all know how that one worked out, and in spades to boot.

I said it was also his greatest gift too, because now that it's "out of the closet"...he can face ALL that he really is. And that leads me to another aspect of his pysche.....

Bill Clinton has a VERY fuzzy self image. He always has. He really doesn't know WHO THE HECK HE IS...and yet...almost paradoxically he has a very strong desire to assert himself and be independent. But I understand that too. He WANTS to be something. He WANTS to be "somebody". But...he honestly and truly is and has been....looking for it (love) in all the wrong places.

Anyway, all of that is neat and dandy, and it helps a lot in "understanding" who he is ....but it certainly does NOT excuse him. Uh Uh! I reitterate what I said in an earlier post...

No one is "bound" to continuously fight off the slings and arrows that are originally tossed at them, for all of time and space. There is always ~the morning after~, and the morning after that, and so forth and so on, which in essence is simply a never ending opportunity to turn the tide around.

We all have wounds somewhere. Used positively..."wounds" become CHALLENGES....and used successfully....they then go on to become the foothold of GROWTH....

But you know, there is another whole aspect to all of this. It's one that I avoided giving my opinion about for a long time....but it looks like I can't avoid it any more.

William Jefferson Clinton is indeed the President of the United States. However! That's ALL his is. He's not a "Spiritual Advisor". He's not (contrary to what most want to think) a Famiy Life advisor or roll model either. He's a MAN! That's all he is....ever was....and ever will be...ONE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes he lied to the American people! Yes he's guilty of a whole host of indescretions...but he's also HUMAN! The "lying" that he did was in regard to PRIVATE MATTERS. In my estimation one's "s*x life" is nobodies darned business.

I don't care if you're a monk, or you swing from chandeliers while you're having s*x.....I look at you as a human being FIRST and foremost....and I look at you ONLY for the job I hire you for.

If you come to my house to clean my carpets....then clean my carpets. If you moonlight as a Chipendale's dancer at night....that's YOUR BUSINESS. I only hired you to clean my carpets.

If you are elected to be the President of the United States....then that's all you're elected to BE! You're the "Commander In Chief" of our Armed forces. You're nothing're nothing less. I don't think a
President" owes us the most intimate details of their sex life. In fact, I'll go a step further. Shame on the American public. I barely read the stuff, so my knowledge of the nitty gritty details is probably 50-50 at best, but...

Did you see and feel all of the negative energy come to the surface when the scandal came to light???

The American public was just loving the gossip weren't they????? They were soaking it up like a sponge. Even with the little bit that I followed the story, I heard the snickers and chuckles. More people watched the news THEN.....then probably since the last scandal.

I personally don't give a rats behind how, with who and how often the President had sex.

Just because he's our President...doesn't mean we "OWN" him lock stock and barrel.

Now, as the President, he was (in my estimation) in a RIPE place to inspire some good family values....but I look at that, if it happens, as an extra, not as a debt of his.

What the American Public has to learn is that there is really a lesson here for THEM here. They say one thing...but they agrandize their public figures to the hilt. Time after time after time, they put people in the public eye on a pedestol...only to feel crushed when they find out they're HUMAN.

I hate to inform the populace, but it was the PERCEPTION that was off kilter.

The man never billed himself as "super human". He never ran on the ticket as a "virgin" or a "monk".

I agree with you Dadoo. All of these people walking around spouting "Guidlines" for Family Values ARE crap. I've always felt that.

I personally live by the heart. People who REALLY want to change the world and make it a better place....don't have to ~Talk the Talk~ ....they SHOW ~Walking the Walk~.

And....still yet. When all is said and done. We inevitably all have to walk the walk on our own path...and so....again...the focal point is OURSELVES.

I personally live by the ~Heart~. I teach from the ~Heart~. I try to touch....from the ~Heart~. And in like form....when I AM's my Heart that is moved.

Many people think the conscience is located in the mind....but it's NOT! It's located in the ~Heart~! I'm not usually a Bible quoting person, but I have found a few that I have come to really love! In fact, I have this on the front page of my web site...because it so perfectly says everything I've always felt, believed...and known. It's from Proverbs...and it says: For as a man thinketh in his is he.

And so I say this in conclusion...

The ~Heart~ is within...not without. I think everyone should stop to LOOK WITHIN themselves for a second...and think about why the American people so readily and eagerly and continuously SURRENDERS to the ideas and ideals of ONE SOLITARY HUMAN BEING? That's just wayyyyy to much "power" for one person to handle. No one could handle being super human...because no one is!

I personally put NO MAN (or woman) on a pedestol....that way I'm rarely disappointed by anything negative that transpires and pleasantly surprised if something great comes about. Naturally I'm human too, so I do fall victim (occasionally) to hurt in my personal life....but I just chalk it up to what I've said all along... being human! Letting someone into your Heart on a personal level is VERY different from letting someone into your heart....on a BUSINESS or PROFESSIONAL level.

For me, the whole issue is all about taking control of your OWN LIFE...and THAT'S the family value that we have to teach our children.

Too many children today are just playing follow the leader. They follow the "leader of the cliche", they follow the "rock stars", they follow all of these nut ball "gurus" (religious as well as political) that come out of the woodwork...

...the point is that they FOLLOW! They don't THINK for themselves!

I think it's time for Americans to stop playing follow the leader and look in the mirror....and ask themselves a few soul searching questions! I think they should stop whining about what's "wrong"...and start working make things right.

As for Hillary, well, that bit that you explained to me about the Mountain is actually very interesting, (scarily so) but I can't really say that I'm too surprised. Don't kid yourself for a minute! Hillary is one strong woman. She's also (in my estimation) an opportunist. She's working that "strong and suffering victim" routine quite well isn't she?

Sit back a spell now though...and watch with a bit of distance how the little New York followers get all excited and aglow when she tries to run for office here. They're thrilled to pieces! And for WHAT????? She doesn't really give a rats behind about New York City......nor do I believe she really cares (to the extent that she claims) about Bill Clintons "scars". I think she see's an opportunity to milk a situation...and I think she's going to run with it.

Remember though! The quarterback can't score without the rest of the team behind him rooting him on and supporting him! Soooo if she "scores"....we can't really blame her and her alone now, can we?

I suppose we will just have to wait and see how this whole thing works out! There is still time for mankind to WAKE UP. Let's just hope they do it!!!!

And BTW....speaking of the Clintons...

Has anyone else noticed how the WHITEWATER talks were totally eclipsed by the s*x scandal???? Perhaps the scandal was a dual blessing for the it took the focus off other REALLY significant issues!

Perhaps that's why it was even BORN!!!!!!!!!

And don't even get me started on Monica! She's another beaut! Does anyone REALLY believe that she put that dress in her closet...ahhhh....."dirty"...and FORGOT ABOUT IT???


All I can say is: Wake Up America! Life is calling you!!!!!!

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