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Gee, all this makes me feel old. My sister and I lived with an uncle and aunt near Washington when I was going to high school. My uncle declared he would never have a TV in the house as long as the two of us were still in school. But when I graduated (and my sister was just beginning), the first thing he did when I got out of the house was buy a TV set.

But I always considered myself a few years too old for Howdy and his contemporary shows. After all, I go back to the days of listening to the Quiz Kids on the radio. Anybody remember a Quiz Kid called Joel Kupperman? He knew everything and was a terrible pain in the butt. I believe Vanessa Brown was a Quiz Kid, too. I knew that she later became a movie actress, but I don't think I ever saw her--except once, in person, when she was a Quiz Kid.

Jim Donnelly

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