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Actually...*LOL*...I think I just remembered something. Photography was/is a hobby of mine and I really WAS going to send in a picture of my children once....for a Kodak contest...and I think it's as you've said JB. I think if their face is recognizable...then you need written "permission".

However! What of the stories news crews cover? Suppose you're passing by at the time of a fire or arrest or ...something else considered "news~worthy"? Does the news crew have the "right" and "privilege" (legally speaking) to use a photo with you in it...WITHOUT getting your permission first?

And....what of historical photos? Or photos where the people (or person) are now deceased?

With the "historical" gives rise to another whole gray area. Celebrities are constantly fighting off paparazzi who claim that once they become "public figures" they forsake their "privacy".

I personally only agree with that theory only if a celebrity is doing a "public" appearance when the photo is taken. I don't think just because you've been in a movie....photographers have the "right" to camp outside of your house....or for that matter...wherever you go!

I guess I'm still a bit confused *LOL*...but I'm definitely firm on the last part!

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