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Happy Birthday to You my dear Leo Friend! I know that your Birthday isn't really until the 15th of August but I thought to myself: Ahhhh what the heck! There isn't any rule (at least not one that I know of) that says that we can't start the celebration early! Right? *S*

And that ~Spirit~....I now wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I was also just looking at your chart know what? Not that I needed it to tell me what I saw....because it's everything I knew about you anyway....but ..........WOW! You sure are ONE SPECIAL LADY!!!! You have a good heart...and you're also an awful lot of fun!!!! As I WELL know! *LOL*

One more comment! I'd be very remiss if I didn't also relay how compassionate and people oriented you are! Yep! That's you! You're always doing....doing....doing...for others!

Thank You for allowing me to be ~one~ of the people to share a bit of Time and Space with you!!!!

Love, Light~* Lots n Lots of {{{{HUGS}}}}} to You on Your *Special Day~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marcene (a.k.a Old Timer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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