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Yesterday I was in the B. Dalton book store in the S.I. Mall, bumming around like I usually do...soaking in a lot of free reading ....when all of a sudden I saw that they had a number of books on, and about, Staten Island. So, after I got finished reading the really good books *LOL* (just kidding), I decided to see what was up. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were actually very interesting. (And no! That isn't the "surprise" I was referring to in the subject area.)

Anyway, I recognized an awful lot of "stuff" in those books. Yep! Some of the places (and I'm sure people too) are gone...but quite a bit is still here...only now most of it is in a completely different form! (That would be one of the Laws of Physics in motion! *LOL*) Anyway, what REALLY "surprised" me....was one particular picture I flipped to. And...who knows...if my son didn't get out the metaphorical hook to leave (he was the driver) ......I might have seen even more. Anyway, what I saw that really surprised me was a 1963 (I believe) picture of the Port Richmond High School Beau Brummels. Now, thank goodness I was a Belle Brummel and not a Beau Brummel. And also Thank Goodness that I wasn't there in 1963 ....but I can tell you this for certain. If I opened a book...A BOOK FOR SALE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC...and saw one of my High School Pictures in it....I'd be kind of ticked off!

I suppose (logically speaking) that the author of the book could have gotten the written permission of all of the "Beaus" but, (also logically speaking) I would think that it was highly unlikely.

I just don't understand it!

All I really know for certain is this: Every time my children have been on TV ....I've had to sign papers to give permission for it. I was told that it was a necessary "legal" issue.

Was that incorrect? Were the TV people over cautious? Or.....

Can just anyone print ANY picture they happen to have in their possession?

I remain Surprised......and Curious!

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