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On 8/11/99 11:49:22 PM, Margie wrote:
>Old Town, just after Great
>Kills on the Rat Trap,* was a
>whistle stop.

Old Town, just after Great Kills!!!
Which SIRT were you riding and what Staten Island was it on?

Me thinks Margie was toooooooooooooo involved in the high school "flirt thing" to realize which direction the train she was riding wazzzz going LOL...

Great Kills
Bay Terrace (patos could "U" please confirm this one)
New Dorp
Grant City
Dongan Hills
"OLDDDDDDDDDD Townnnnnnn" were the announcements of the conductor

Margie I now know why you're a committed bike rider out there on the "Left Coast" ROFL - sure hope ya have a compass wid ya at all times.


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