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JR, I think you need to get a map out. Or we'll compare streets. And I love the part about "downtown Tottenville"! That was all of two blocks of Main Street. You make me feel so important and proud to be from a place that had a downtown!

I marched in that parade many years, first with Brownie Troop 5-25, then the Girl Scouts (gee, what was that number?? Will have to look it up on my merit badge sash.) As I remember it, we went down Amboy Road, took a left at Main Street (where my beloved dime store, Mary's, was) and a few steps more to the American Legion.

The memorial you speak of was some kind of statue. I remember it, but not what/who/why or whatever it stood for. I'll ask family members for information.

Who else out there marched in these parades??

Margie of Tottenville

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