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That's the right idea, O.T., definitely to be encouraged. The ethnic animosities so many of us know and love seem to require a more concerted effort to defuse. The German effort shown on DW was impressive because it was well thought out, concerted, and sustained on a level that everyone could relate to because they all visited the sites where the hatred produced mass-extermination. I've seen documentaries on tv of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers going away to camp together in order to get to know each other beyond the hate rhetoric both are well-familiar with. Irish Catholic and Protestant kids sometimes get to do something similar. It seems to offer hope, which is something, because the kids wind up liking each other as individuals.

It takes a crisis to produce that kind of an effort and we don't seem to make the effort here, certainly not in any high profile way. At least we can point to some models elsewhere if we ever decide it's worth doing here.

Re: DB's observation about one more Balkan country, that's all we need, isn't that the way it's going? Macedonia is trying to break out of the "Yugoslav" federation of two countries, Serbia and Macedonia. Forgive me if I'm confusing Macedonia with Montenegro; haven't met too many of either.

The Croats and Slovenes and Bosnians have all broken away.
Mutual, sometimes serial, ethnic cleansing seems to be what happens on the ground absent superior force, a patchwork quilt, in the end.

How bad it that, as long as everyone stays in his particular cage?


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