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I have a problem, OT.

I know a man--I don't want to say that he's a friend of mine--but I occasionally have lunch with him. He's pretty tough to take in most respects, but I'm frustrated in one respect especially, because I don't know how to react. He will be sitting in a restaurant, usually talking because he never shuts up, and then he will interrupt himself and say something like: "See that guy who just came in? I'll bet he's a Jew."

But then he makes no judgmental comment. In fact, sometimes he will add, " . . . But I guess that's all right, HAAAH?"

He does the same thing when certain famous names come up: Charlie Chaplin and Cary Grant, most recently. I've asked him why he feels obliged to make comments like that, and he has no answer.

I almost wish he'd say something that calls for rebuttal (I don't know anything about Charlie Chaplin and Cary Grant--maybe I could have denied those comments) but he never actually says anything critical about anybody. How to react?

Jim Donnelly

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