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Anticipating the late hour rush, I purchased my approved, guaranteed not wear, tear, crack, shrink or wrinkle solar eclipse glasses well in advance. I paid 3.50 DM (about $2)for them at the neighborhood gas station a week ago.

As the supplies in the Stuttgart area were sold out, I was offered the equivalent of $10 for them as late as last night, even though the weather forecast for today predicted 95% cloud cover.

As a real SI'der, I should've taken the money and run. But I got sucked in by all the scientific and astrological talk that has been posted on this board and held on to my safety shades.

Standing outside in the rain from 11:30 until 13:00 with fellow workers, we did notice that it got very dark at 12:33 until 12:35 and then it got lighter. I did record this with my digital camera and will be glad to send shots of these light-dark-light shots via email as .jpg files to anyone who wants them.

I tried to sell my eclipse glasses from 12noon until 12:30, hoping that some sucker would think GOD would open the heavens for HIM...but there were no suckers around.

Anybody want to buy a pair of guaranteed not to wear, tear, crack, shrink or wrinkle eclipse shades?

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