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I'm glad you took a look at it rs! It's pretty neat getting to see what the Moon looked like on the day you were born heh?

Now what's this business about a Full Moon hanging out the back window of a sedan on Hylan Blvd? *LOL* I'm just totally and throughly shocked! You must have hung out with a much rougher crowd then I did because I nevah saw anything like that! *LOL*

Anyway....back to business~~~~~~

Soooooo You were born at the time of a Full Moon eh? Hummmm Actually, that portends a lot! Yep! There is quite A LOT of information to be gleaned from even just that bit of information. In fact, there is so much to be glean that some Astrologers make the Moon (and it's phases) their "specialty". Just as in Traditional Medicine there are "Specialties"....the same is true with Astrology.

I'm on the run right now, and as I stated....there is a lot to be said on the matter... but I will say at least this before I poof....

Astronomically speaking....that you were born at the time of a "Full Moon" means that the the "Sun" and "Moon" in your chart are in polar opposite Constellations.


If your "Sun" is in Aries...your "Moon" is in Libra.

If your "Sun" is in Taurus...your "Moon" is in Scorpio.

If your "Sun" is in Gemini...your "Moon" is in Sagittarius.

If your "Sun" is in Cancer...your "Moon" is in Capricorn.

If your "Sun" is in Leo...your "Moon" is in Aquarius.

If your "Sun" is in Virgo...your "Moon" is in Pisces.

If your "Sun" is in Libra...your "Moon" is in Aries.

If your "Sun" is in Scorpio...your "Moon" is in Taurus.

If your "Sun" is in Sagittarius...your "Moon" is in Gemini.

If your "Sun" is in Capricorn...your "Moon" is in Cancer.

If your "Sun" is in Aquarius...your "Moon" is in Leo.

If your "Sun" is in Pisces...your "Moon" is in Virgo.

I'll leave it all here for now ...and come back with more information tomorrow ....and I'll just betcha that when I do....I ~knock~ your socks off! *S*

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