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To follow up on that thread, Jan, here in Placerville, our small town in the Sierra foothills we do have a big chain store. It is Raley's and it started here in this small town that grew into a big town. It is now a chain of super markets in northern California and now Nevada.

Funny but as big as it has gotten, we still can depend on the baker giving a child a nice cookie. I also can get a taste of anything in the deli I want to try before I buy.
Old man Raley knew the way to attract a clientele for sure.
He is gone now but his family still controls the business and they follow dad's idea of a small store to this day.

In this town we had a fire that consumed a home and killed two sleeping granddaughters in the upstairs bedroom. My son a building contractor could not drive by and not feel for the old people left homeless at Thanksgiving.

By Christmastime he with lots of help and donations had built a new home for them free. They moved in to a completely stocked free freezer from this same Raley's store.

They also donated any decorations we picked out for a tree and put presents under it for all.

How about that for small town kindnesses??

Somethings never change. Jan do not despair!

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