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I would expect to see the NRA make this off-duty cop a poster boy for the need to remain armed at all times. He certainly seems justified in taking out someone who'd got the drop on him with a gun to his back. That's the part I find interesting. Here's a guy who's got a gun in his back and he relies on his training to turn the tables, the way you only see in the movies. But if you've ever taken a martial arts class, you realize there's a lot you can do if you have been trained, and are prepared, and you keep your cool, especially if your adversary seems like an ignorant punk, as apparently was the case here.

Now the inconvenient part about the off-duty officer being on the island with a girlfriend his wife supposedly didn't know about. Life's dramatics are seldom as clean as the Greek tragedians portrayed. There's usually a fly in the ointment that has to be edited out. A smudge of moral impurity that takes the bloom off da rose. Unfortunate, but that's life, isn't it.

What're we gonna do about that part. Make the off-duty cop who saved his own life and that of his companion a hero despite the moral lapse? Is that allowed? By whom?

Is the NRA going to mention this feature of the off-duty cop's adventure in its stirring description of how the more-or-less good guy beat the bad guy?

Suppose the off-duty cop were on the Island to sell some dope he'd scored off someone he'd arrested, and he turned the table on a robber who was after his stash. Would the story still be as good?

Are we going to see the main story, warts and all, on NYPD Blue, or one of the other "realistic" tv cop shows?

I sure hope so.

I like verisimilitude.


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