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The easiest way to fix your Y2K probs with Win95 OR 98, is to go to the MS Windows update site since it has patches for all versions of Windows. If you don't know how to find it, all ya gotta do is click on either Tools or Help in Internet Explorer(depending on your version), and click Product Updates. MS will then give you a variety of security and bug fixes you can download for free for Win95/98.
As far as your BIOS is concerned, when your 'puter first boots up it tells you the manufacturer AND version # of your BIOS. With that info(ie:Award BIOS Ver1.4)put the manufacturer's name in a search engine(Excite or Yahoo), and you will find the manufacturer's web site. you will then see if your BIOS NEEDS upgrading as ALL the BIOS manufacturer's have been releasing patches for versions that are NOT Y2K compliant!
If ya don't wanna do all this and just wanna see if your gonna have a Y2K problem, just go to this web site and click on the Y2K button at the top, sign up and your 'puter will be tested for Y2K (and many other things) for free!!!
Have fun!

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