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Just read in today's paper (Front page of the Star Ledger, NJ)
that an off duty New Jersey cop and an unidentified female
"companion" (heh heh the cop is married) were in Staten Island yesterday morning when they were approached by three men as soon as they got out of there car.
One of the men pull out a weapon (In this case a Daisy air
pistol) and stuck it in the back of the Sgt. Dwayne Mitchell, and off duty officer from New Jersey.
Not knowing until later what type it was, the cop still managed to place two rounds into the now, dead mans chest. Jatrek
Hewitt,18 will no longer be robbing people. (this is good)
His two unidentified friends, who ran swiftly after the
shooting, will probably be thinking about a career change as soon as they can get the shit stains out of there
Now then. A problem or two:
One, NJ cops are "not generally supposed to carry guns in NYC while off duty"  Detective Joseph Pentangelo says " and, NJ has a law against NYC cops from carrying weapons in the Garden
State.....there may be circumstance where this is allowed but
it's up to the courts to make the final determinations."
So far, the NYC cops are in in full support of Mitchell but
agree also that he shouldn't have been carrying in the first
place so, he's on administrative leave.
The second problem is, I wonder what is wife is thinking about
this whole thing?

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