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I remember Elm Park and the surrounding area before the Expressway was built. There was a rock wall going down Hooker Pl. It started at PS 21 and went down to Morningstar Rd. The part that runs along side of PS 21 is still there. We use to walk on top of the wall coming home from school. Before all this took place there use to be a rock quarry in the area also. My mother and father use to talk about the quarry a lot. Trantor Pl over to Morningstar Rd. was basically all field and woods. St Mary's Cemetary was always there. It's right on Walker St. across from PS. 21. I went to St. Adalberts while they were building the expressway so when you were in an even numbered grade you got to see the action. I can recall some other parts of SI before the expressway but not very well just glimpses but I remember Elm Park pretty well.

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