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On 8/4/99 2:51:21 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:
>On 8/3/99 10:25:12 PM, bobsheridan
>>Re: the term "Black Irish."
>My sources ("Salisbury Cathedral" by ?
>and a "History of the English Speaking
>Peoples" by Winston Churchill) have
>written that the term "black Irish"
>refers to the original Celts who were a
>small, dark folk that migrated over the
>land bridge between the British Isles
>and mainland Europe.
>I've heard the story about the Spanish
>sailors, but since there were many more
>Celts than Spanish, I'm inclined to
>believe that's the true origin. Of
>course, the stereotyped Redhaired, green
>eyed, freckled Irishmen were just
>Norsemen who found a "good liberty

The consensus among both the Irish-Americans and the FBI (which is either the full-blooded Irish or the foreign-born Irish, take your pick) on the newsgroup called soc.genealogy.ireland is that the Armada was way too small, no matter how frolicsome the Spanish sailors may have been, to have made any lasting difference.

I'm with you--I vote for Winnie here. Half-American, wasn't he? I don't know what he did to displease patos so much, but I suppose it must have been the other half of him that's guilty.

Jim Donnelly

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