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Let's see, Outerbridge, Goethals, Bayonne, and Verrazano, not an English word in the bunch. No wonder we don't know how to pronounce the d*mn things, much less spell them without looking them up.

When I found out that Bayonne was a place in France I was as surprised as when I found out that so was Mayonaise, or maybe it was Lyonaise, or Lorraine, I get all screwed up trying to figure out French woids. I'll go for a glass of Burgundy if I can get patos away from the bar for a moment.

Why do they call it the Bayonne Bridge, anyway. What does Bayonne, Noo Joisey, have to do with Bayonne, France? Do they serve French cuisine there, apart from the French fried potatoes they serve with the hamburgers and beer? Do they serve Hamburgers in Hamburg? Why not?

Just take the bridge that gets you there and screw the pronounciation and the spelling. It's bridge number one, two, tree (we're from StatNisland, remember), and faw.


PS According to the spell checker I've achieved a new personal best with twenty-three misspellings in this post. No wonder it makes so little sense, but at least I don't spell half the words in *ALLCAP*S*!!! with lots of asterisks and exclamation points, a sign of looneyness soon to be listed in the DSM IV.

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