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WHOA! This is just too cool!!!! Hiya Toddity!!! I know you're not gonna believe this but I swear swear swear I was thinking about you the last couple of days and I was contemplating leaving YOU a post in here!!!! WOW! My 12th House Neptune did it again! *LOL* (I love my Natal Neptune! *LOL*)

You're right you know! I never do seem to catch you in here!!! Weird heh??? It's even weirder that we would both think of it too! *LOL*

I know you said that you were there before (in the past) you've just GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA come back~~~> to AC!!! C'mon now! You know you do! We have LOTS of Arizonians there! *LOL* Heck! You might even come to meet some of your next door neighbors there! *S*

WE are exactly your kind of people and you belong there and you know that! *great big chuckle* So c'mon over!!!!!

Seriously though...You'd have had a ball the last couple of weeks! HECK! We always have a ball there. *LOL* We were dissecting John Kennedy Jrs transits.....and WHOA! You would not believe what we all saw...unless of course you looked yourself! *S* Did you??? BTW Have you looked at YOUR transits lately??? *S* Polar opposite as we are....we're cyclically alike as we're both Libra Rising...AND...we're both Via Combusta on that score too. You're in the 1st degree of Libra Rising and I'm in the last degree! COOL!

I'm studying various Planetary Cycles. How'd you experience your recent Sun opposition???? Anything noteworthy????

Ohhhh well! Even if you DON'T come back to AC....and even if we DON'T bump into one another "live" in here......

...we can still converse THIS WAY! That's if...You want to!!!!! *S* I'm game! *S*

And re the Spanish: I knew that HOLA meant Hello you silly person! *LOL* PAH-LEEZ!!! I had some nut ball speaking in FRENCH to me on my message board to my web site ...right around the holidays. French isn't THAT it would not only take me quite a while to figure out what he said *LOL*...but then even after I appeared (to me) to be some sort of French double entendre or something! *LOL* Just what I needed~~~>NOT! I could never quite get a definite fix on whether the guy (and I definetely felt it to be a male *S*) was sincerely trying to engage me in an intellegent reparte....or being a smart aleck!!!! *LOL* Eventually....I stopped resoponding...and he went away...

...but I often wonder if he ~Lurks~!!! *LOL*

I hope your tooth is feeling better! *S*

Qué un fantasmagórica sobrecogemos esta era!

Agradecemos Te!!!!

Love, Light~* and.....

I hope chat with you soon! *S*

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