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JR...You're such a rascal! *LOL* I think I could actually feel you *LOL*! *ROTFLOL*

O.k.! THE PRIMO (Yes! That's right! I put it all in capital letters) web site for FREE Astrological

It's called Astrodienst and it's a Swiss you'll REALLY be ~traveling~ a bit. *LOL* O.k.! So it's ~virtual~ traveling...but heh...a a trip I say!!!! *S* (What can I tell you??? I'm a ~futuristic~ kinda girl! *LOL*) Anyway ....when you get to the on "The Atlas And Time Zone Server" (It says free charts underneath it) and then just follow the directions. It should be pretty self explanitory. It's a great site because it's calculations are calibrated so precisely....and because it has the Atlas Time Zone built right in!

Good Luck and enjoy!!!!! After you get a gander at your chart (and Margie's too *LOL*)....I'll be happy to explain anything and everything you like. *S* I might also go ahead and post some generic interps.

So kiddo...get ready to see your very FIRST picture......for that's exactly what it is. An Astrological Chart is a "picture" of the Cosmos at the PRECISE day and time....and from the exact location.... of your Birth!!!! It not only shows what YOUR percpective of the Universe is....but what your Pyschological make up is.

In other shows what makes ya ~tick~! *S*

If you have any problems accessing the site...and delineating your chart...just let me know...and I'll see what I can do about straightening it out! *S*

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