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Ohhh Patos! *LOL* You're just way too funny! *ROTFLOL* In fact...I'll go a step further! I just finished reading one of your other posts...(I think it's the one under here)....and ....I was laughing even before I got here! *LOL* So now I'm laughing twice as much! *LOL*

Ohhh and re that other post....

Guess what??? My Daughter also has those greenish kind of eyes! Actually hers are the hazel green/blue kind. Who'd of thunk it!!!! Here we are...half Italian and half Scandinavian....and my little baby girl (she's 15 now *S*) looks like she 100% Scandinavian! *LOL* Genetics! What a phenomena! *LOL*

And btw *look of shock on face* You mean to tell me that her EYE COLOR is gonna fade on her??? :-( Shoot! I like her eye color...and I honestly and truly never knew that about eyes!!!!

So in addition to losing hair, bone density, ENERGY *LOL*...and a whole host of other things....we can look forward to drab eyes when we get older???

Heck! What do I care for??? I just realized...I never really look at my own eyes.....

...unless of course I'm looking in the mirror....which I try not to do too often! *LOL*

Re the monologue: Ya know kiddo! You're absolutely right! Saying it and typing it ARE two completely different things! *LOL* You must be something to behold in person! *S*

Whether you know it or not...You're one pretty funny guy! *LOL* (And I mean that in the BESTEST of ways! *S*) Do you know that??? Hey! Did you ever do any community theatre???? *S*

And YEAH!!!! The Ohhh Donna song is pretty neat! I love it so much that I even have it somewhere on my web site!!!!! *LOL*

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