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WHOA!!!!! That's heavy!!! Talk about your cop outs! I know that there are some here that don't like me to use Astrology as the basis or foundation to my analysis...but contrary to mainstream happens to be one of the greatest (and oldest tools) for it. Astrology is many things but it's most prominent use is as a Pyschological tool....and NOT "predicting the future" as is commonly perceived.

From both an Astrological as well as Spritual perspective....while a "desire to please women" may indeed turn out to be a part of the early Pyschological is not BOUND irrevocably to that desire!!!!! "Desires" are not inherently part of one's primal nature...(such as breathing etc. etc. etc.) What we "desire" is a direct reflection of what we VALUE....and our VALUE system is a transient quotient. Whether we do it consciously...or unconsciously....we're CONSTANTLY assessing and re~assessing what we "value". Those who "decide" that they want to operate in the Positive end of the spectrum....with analyze and eliminate those "desires" that are not conducive to such an outcome. Those that are heck bent on dwelling in the negative end of the spectrum (such as the "poor me" syndrome or the "revenge" manifestation or the "I can't help myself" phenomena) are ABSOLUTELY and UNEQUIVICABLY forgoing their ABILITY to transcend negative formative aspects or events.

There are TONS of examples....but I will submit the following as one!

Let's take ...for example and discussion....those babies that are born addicted to drugs. Admittedly they received them in the WOMB (and you can't go back much further than that! *LOL*) ....and when they make their appearance to the WORLD....they are indeed...DRUG DEPENDANT. Their body, mind, and every part of their being aches for those drugs. Don't they???? HOWEVER!!!!! Aren't they eventually weaned off those drugs before they are released from the hospital???? You know they are!!!!!

Sooooo If one can transcend such an overwhelming and formative experience as that........

....tell me that one cannot overcome "a desire to please women"! Please!!!!

We are only as "scarred" as we allow ourselves to less!!!! All it takes to overcome acknowledgement.....and a desire that is POLAR OPPOSITE to the destructive desire!

And known as the Law of Polarity! *S* If you want to ~Equalize~ something....look at it's opposite!!!!! And BTW....least there be any confusion in this case...I'll make what I'm saying crystal clear. If the "original" desire was to "please women"....the polar opposite would be to "please oneself". It would NOT be to be dis~pleasing to women. There IS a difference! *S*

The Universe is repleat with the case history's of those who have "overcome" a supposed "predispostion"!!!! In fact.....they're usually (Pyschologically speaking) the foothold of many of those who have come to achieve something wonderful!!!!'s the Law of Polarity in effect!

Well....that's my Dollars worth on the matter! *S*

BTW...If you have the birth data of this person....I'd LOVE to look at their chart!!!!!!! I'd be willing to do the Pyschological profile here......publically. If you have the data (exact time, date, place) and you would share it....but don't want to do it can feel free to E-mail me the specs and I will only post the interps here!!!!

Just an offer...if you're interested! *S*

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