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>agree whole heartedly with you
>about our Space
>exploration...and all of the
>money that we spend on it.

I believe the migration of mankind to outerspace is the only way to save earth. As our world population keeps growing, there will be more and more hostilities between different cultures...So, the only way to get along with each other is to let each have enough of his own space: in other words, we need to get off the earth!

The first phase may just involve migrating to space stations and living in an artificial environment. But is that so different from the way most folks live nowadays? In their airconditioned cocoons, watching TV and surfing the net?

I worked at Kennedy Space Center from the Apollo shots thru the Challenger tragedy, and even though a lot of money was spent, the knowledge gained keeps building towards the future, when mankind will colonize space.

Rather pork barrel spending on the Space Program than money for Apache helicopters, etc...DAN BLAINE ( a half-black Irishman)

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