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Black hair and brown eyes are the traits of black Irish
I myself have (had) green eyes they have faded with time some of my brothers and sisters have red or brown hair with brown eyes which shows the trait.

The shipwrecked Armada survivors that washed up on the Irish shores gene pooled with the population some were welcomed some were not. The Irish males were usually employed as fishermen or mercenaries (always thinking that they they would be trained as soldiers and come home and use their skills to fight the contemporary invader/ruler out of the beloved isle) which left a shortage of desirable males.
(Wow did that happen in America when I was in Viet-Nam LOL) Whether the Irish women welcomed them or the stories of rape and plunder were fabricated to protect their honor is anyones guess now.

For an interesting look at Irish mercenaries look into the Feinian invasion of Canada with the help and blessing of the U.S. government

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