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I followed your link earlier in the day Art...I just didn't get to post back right away!

What a Beautiful and Loving Tribute to your Dad!!! Nice picture too!!! *S* Ironically....I have a section on my own web site....with two poems that I wrote for my Dad...and his picture as well! *S* I guess we're both just Family oriented folk! *S*

Having anyone you Love ~Pass not easy....but Ohhh Boyyy when it's your Dad....well....

I know you know what I mean! :-(

Your Dad's ~passion~ was a very noble one...and WOW! Look how it altered the outcome of your life! You can BET your boots that he's as proud as can be of you!!!

And Art???? I know he wanted the best for you!!!! I do! *a wistful smile and a nod* All parents do! And you know what else???

You complied to the hilt! *S*

BRAVO...and ...THANKS again for sharing!

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