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Whoops! You and I posted at the same time I had not seen yours when I posted! I'm just saying that so you didn't think I was ignoring you!

Re your post....I'll just say this briefly for now....contrary to what most might think I'd say *LOL*....I agree whole heartedly with you about our Space exploration...and all of the money that we spend on it. Visiting the Moon and Mars doesn't really ~send~ me personally....although I do of course think it's a great example of what man can accomplish!

Now if they can only use that ingenuity closer to ~*HOME*~! *S*

BUT.....when all is said and done...I must say that I do personally agree with your suggestion...which was to find some kind of midpoint between OVERSPENDING...and NO SPENDING!

Heck! I'd hate for it to be necessary....but if all of us EARTHLINGS ever needed a place to scamper off to....

I sure as heck would hope we'd have one!

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