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By non-native who do you mean. Are you 100% Native American Indian and if so how could you prove it. My heritage is Irish-American my father was the first born in America and on my maternal side my Grandmother was. On the paternal side my father, sister, and one brother are black Irish. So does that make me Irish/Spanish-American, Spanish/Irish-American or just a Mick mutt. In my short life I've met many people and many nationalities. In my experience I've never met one reasonable person that I could not get along with even though we might totally disagree regardless of race, creed or national origin.

I might have taken your post the wrong way but it seems that you have a problem with immigrants. Hate to shock you but I doubt there is one person in this country that doesn't have an immigrant in his blood line.

If I read you wrong my apology is offered as of now

Almost a marathon for me Donna lol

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