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I haven't seen any recent postings of yours so I'm not sure if you're on vacation right now or not....but I've wanted to tell you something for weeks now. I hope you see this!

A few weeks ago, you posted a very beautiful post about your Dad...and in it you Thanked me for bringing those memories to the surface. It was in reference to the "WORD A DAY" URL I posted. I know it may appear that I either didn't see your post....or that it did not effect me....but neither is true. I saw it almost immediately (I believe) right after you posted it....and I was extremely touched....both by your story about your Dad....and about your nice words to me! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Extra ironic was the fact that I had been wanting to post to YOU for the longest while...about your post in the other place! You know what I mean! Right???? *S* Well...that post was equally as lovely....and I was very very moved with that one too!!!!! How lovely of you to be so open and honest and genuine. It was very apparent.

Oh well....I just......

...wanted to make sure .... you knew all of that! *S*

My post to you is way over due. My sincerest apologies.

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