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O.k.!!!!!! I don't want this to get into a Male/Female thingy....but why is it that men always yap about women who put their makeup on in the car.....and yet they're probably the very same men who talk CONSTANTLY on their cell phone WHILE THEY'RE DRIVING!

You know what I say about THAT??? I say: SHOW OFF! SHOW OFF! SHOW OFF!!! *LOL* Come on! You're going to tell me that the minute a guy buys a brand new convertable
(or something economically equivalent) that ALL OF A SUDDEN....they just ALWAYS have something to say on their cell phone.....

..while they're driving of course!

I said it before...and I'll say it again...

...we woman may SOMETIMES "put our face on" (EEK! How I hate that expression! *LOL*) in the car.....but you guys are not VANITY free either!!!!

Soooooo If you don't want us to use the car as a traveling bathroom...I don't think you guys should use it as a traveling phone booth!

There! I've said it and I'm NOT taking it back! *S*

*still ducking*

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