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The inner clique, as you call it, may be as sick and tired of the inner clique as we are of the jokes that get sent around to the point that some of them look pretty recycled.

The only thing worse is when they email them to you.

I'd go for the jokes being printed in a separate category, and another for unsolicited how-to-fix-your-computer messages.

What I like are people conversing with each other as though the one you're talking to has just offered you a drink and you decide he/she just might have a point of view worth listening to, politely.

It doesn't matter whether it's worth lingering to listen to for long, so long as it's a point of view that belongs to the person you're talking to.

When I'm talking to someone, I like to know what they're thinking about something, not what someone else thinks, unless they're referring to someone who came up with something fairly unusual that's worth citing. I don't want them reading me editorials, generally. And I wouldn't run to get an editorial of my own, to read back, to equalize matters. I'd just give 'em my own two cents worth and they can go on to the next person at the cocktail party if they don't like what I say or the way I say it, or they'd just like to talk to someone else.

I like new people entering the party and contributing anything. It doesn't have to be unique, or even unusual. It only has to be something you think worth mentioning. Hell, this is what the rest of us have been doing for ages. It may appear to some that there are cliques, but I doubt they exist. It's more like they/we are at each other's throats half the time. The other half we're not throwing snowballs at each other simply because then there'd be no one left to argue with, just like on the front stoops of FawCawnahs, where you got along with your neighbors or had no one to talk to except some stranger on the bus to SainGeorge.

I like the old timers, too, because they usually have the confidence to stick their own two cents worth in, whether they think you, or I, or anyone else, gives a d*mn. At least they got it off their, hopefully, ample chests.

So, welcome aboard, sorryIforgotyername, you're a breath of fresh air.

Let's see, what else can we put in a separate category.

How 'bout Hot Air?

Anybody who nominates me for it is a Dirty Rat.

-rs :)

(We used to say that a lot in FawCawnahs.)

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