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I don't think the "Gripes and Political Opinions" category added anything useful. It seems meant to cull gripes and political opinions from the Gathering and NosTrivia categories. But the gripes and political opinions, and other personal observations, are what make either of those two more or less interesting.

I notice that usually only one of the two categories attracts attention during any several month period, leaving the other to languish. I don't know what purpose having two serves, much less three categories.

My vote is to have one category, NosTrivia, say, because it's catchy, unique, and thus easy to remember and search on if you need to. With one we can see what happens.

I also don't like having to navigate three categories when one would do.

I agree with the point that there are no criteria among the categories any, except what we might imagine, thus making multiple categories superfluous, not to say silly.


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