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Golly, the American people haven't yet been able to agree on the pronunciation of Roosevelt. I think "OO" in German and Dutch sounds sorta like an English "long O," doesn't it? Remember the movie called Das Boot? Had to do with a boat, I believe.

What's the name of that low German dialect that's supposed to be the closest living language to English? I can't remember it. Frisian, that's it. I knew a fellow once who was studying in Germany and he used to spend his spare time helping a gardener somewhere. He struggled to speak German to the gardener, but one day the gardener started tolking to him in a language he could understand and he got very angry. Accused the gardener of being able to speak English all along, but the fellow protested and said he didn't know any English; he was using his native dialect, and I think it's called Frisian.

Jim Donnelly

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