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Well....believe it or not...I see all of this exactly as you do! While I usually don't have the kind of memory that recalls posts verbatim....if there happens to be something extraordinarily wild, wacky or out of place I'm sure I would have....and believe me...there was no such occurance with your post. And, as you also stated....I did contemplate the aspect of perceived indescretion.... such as that which is known as "double entendre"...but in all ironic as it appears to cite as an example in this particular situation *LOL*....I do trust my intuition....and I honestly and truly did not feel that there was anything said on your part that would necessitate the entire elimination of your post.

I realize full and well that each and every web site has their own set of rules, regulations and guidelines....but since the nucleus of people that inhabit this site....not to mention the so called "regulars" that post not really that large in number....for ME...logic would dictate some form of notice to the poster...that a post was being deleted....from the source of Power! I feel that that's especially true in light of the fact that if the "reason" for the elimination is so it obviously is in this case...the person committing the indescretion would be subject to further of the same kind...if they are not so informed!

To really cap it ALL off the "reappearance" of the post! What's that all about??? Does that mean that the original WAS or WAS NOT objectionable???? Was the post that "reappeared" in any way amended???? If least that would make SOME kind of "logical" sense to me...although I have to admit that I would STILL find it a bit weird as I have seen MUCH MUCH MORE in the way of OUTRIGHT possible violations..... than your probable "double entendre".

Soooooo while the "missing" post is apparently back.....and that may technically equalize things in some peoples my estimation....

questions remain!

Are we now suppose to "save" all of our own posts for protection????

You have to admit that without a copy of what we posted....we're essentially at the mercy of anyone who wants to take, delete or edit our posts!

I can't speak for YOU....but I don't like that ONE BIT!

Sorry for the strong post...but I guess I'm personally irked as I too have been "edited" in the past...and I remember EXACTLY how I felt....and it wasn't dandy!

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