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The way it works is that if you print naughty words your message will not be posted. There's an automatic word checking device that blocks posts using certain words. The word "s*x" is an example. So we usually asterisk out the vowel and it gets through.

Sometimes its problematic trying to guess what is objectionable when your posting is blocked. Then you have to imagine what someone might find objectionable.

While looking through this string, I noticed that message two was missing, which surprised me, since I didn't use any language that I thought anyone could find objectionable, although if anyone were offended by the entirely unintentional :) possibility of a double entendre I would be equally surprised. There was more objection to my logic, or the lack thereof, than to my manner of expression, or so I thought.

At any rate, I went on to other things, but it rankled me, and the next time I came across the deletion I decided to comment on it. Then it reappeared.

The last time we complained of web censorship, the web master replied to the effect that there are many commercially available filters which people use to block offensive web sites. This site uses filters to avoid getting caught in other's filters, if I recall the concept correctly, which I'm not sure I do. At any rate, I was surprised at the deletion, but more surprised at the reappearance.


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