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If you're running 15:20 5K's (5min miles), I would guess your next goal is to break 15. Galloway's book: "On Running" gives a 6month program for a 32minute 10K runner that will bring an improvement of 20-40 seconds...I guess you could extrapolate that for a 5K.

But, ask bad do I want it? Did the 15:20 5k come easy, or did you work down to it? I was never in your class, but I ran with and coached some runners that were in the sub-15min range. About ˝ of them burned out and the other ˝ are still running...only now they're more into marathons, triathlons and ultra distance stuff.

So, if you want it bad enough, I recommend Jeff Galloway's "On Running" ISBN 0-394-72709-6. See ya on the road!...DAN

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