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It's 4:32 PM and I see you and I'm ~waving~ to you! *LOL* It's only YOU and I here kiddo!!! Can you {{{{feel}}} the quiet???? Shhhhhhh we wouldn't want to wake anyone up! Would we???? *LOL*

Long time not chit chat heh? The reason I'm telling you that is because my bleeping (feel free to insert a bad word there *S*) ICQ hasn't been functioning very well!!! I usually don't volunteer to be a "test" person in these kinds of situations but apparently somewhere along the line I volunteered to test out the new Beta version of ICQ!!! Soooooo if you were wondering why you haven't heard from me...THAT'S WHY!!!

I was gonna E-mail you ..but heck...I saw you here so I decided to take advantage of the situation! *S*

I hope all is well with you!

Ohhhhh BTW...whenever I DO get to talk to you again...remind me to tell you something!!! K?

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