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Awwwww Marguerite! Do you know I was JUST thinking about you! Really!!! I knew you were getting married in July sometime and since it's almost the end of the month *S* I wondered if I had missed the chance to wish you a WONDERFULLY GLORIOUSLY HAPPY DAY during my brief absence from here. I'm so pleased to see that I didn't. As for the good weather vibes request: You've got it! You and All of your ~loved~ ones will most assuredly be in my thoughts and Prayers on that day! AND...just in case you peek back in before the big day.....I want to tell you *thumbs up* on the choice of date! I'm not sure if you know this or not but our deck of playing cards is really our calendar and as such, each "date" is represented by a different card. Well, Your Wedding date (July 31st) is typified by the 10 of Hearts! *S* A "Hearts" day for a Wedding???? How utterly and incredibly perfect!!!!!

Your ceremony sounds wonderful because it's chock full of sentiment for all of the really important things in life...Family and Home....which are actually one and the same! Whenever we're with Family...we feel at ~Home~...and whenever we feel at Home....well...the people that make us feel that way....are our Family.....even if it's only in ~Spirit~.

May your Wedding Day be lovely in every possible way and may You and your Husband enjoy a long and Loving life {{{Together}}}!!!!!

Love & Light~* to You!!!!!


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