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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank you all for being so kind to me, a "newcomer" to the board. Just wanted to let you know I am getting married on Saturday at the spot where the last shot of the American Revolution was fired -- on a hill overlooking the harbor.
Am getting married in a circle of rocks taken from different parts of Staten Island; am having my children and my espoused's children pour soil from the original four towns -- Westfield, Northfield, Castleton and Southfield in the circle and am getting married with my bare feet firmly planted in the earth that I love. I got soil from the place where my parents met over 65 years ago and where my love's parents met as well. It's our way of honoring them and the island that we love.
Thanks to all for the suggestions earlier for our wedding. Send some good weather vibes my way for Saturday, will you, Donna?
Look forward to reading the posts when I come back from my honeymoon cruise, to the place,incidently where Billop fled after the American Revolution, Nova Scotia.
Take care,

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