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BigPaul and those interested, The young mans' problem began in Rochester and should be solved in Rochester (most likely a suburb of Roch). He should be convinced to return on his accord and seek those exact type services recommended by you good people but it should be done in Rochester, we do have excellent services. If he is from a suburb of rochester (most are)and his crime was not a terrible one and he does not return on his own they may say keep him. It would be a far better the boy face the upstate justice system than that in NYC. Consider this, 18, no friends, no family good or bad, a tougher environment than he'll ever see in Roch,and he does not speak your language, the words sound the same but they mean different things, street talk or not. I know!
I was born and raised on SI and live in Rochester now, I will always be a foreigner. If I can be of help in returning our wayward son to Rochester let me know.

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