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Thank you for what I take to be a kind offer of assistance in rubbing them. :)

Now, as to the more (?) serious matter of astrological validity.

No, I haven't read all of the no doubt weighty authorities you cite, on the same theory that I don't bother to interview street-corner preachers or street-fair tarot card, crystal, and palm readers to see if perhaps they have stumbled onto the secret of life.

The reason is that I was introduced to the scientific method and the rational process way back in PS29, the public school which served native FawCawnahs types like me.

The rational process requires the proponent of a proposition to accept the burden of proving it. The law has adopted the same method of thinking. The proponent cannot duck this obligation by asking the challenger to disprove the proposition, instead, which is the gambit you have chosen.

I have read other respected, at least by me, authorities, on the rational process, including Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman, who took some interest in dealing with people who put forth various notions they could never prove, such as astrologers.

Granting that ancient star-gazers, some of whom may have sold fortune-telling to maintain themselves, accumulated a body of observations and stimulated interest in what became the science of astronomy, their problem was that they could never prove that anything that happened up there had anything to do with what happened down here. But they keep saying it does, and we are supposed to accept that as true, like gullible buyers of the Br**klyn Bridge.

Scientists, on the other hand (the good ones, at least), go to great lengths to try to disprove their theories. They figure that if one apple falls up, there's something wrong with Newton's law of gravity.

Astrologers do the opposite. They never try to disprove any of their claims, as that would be bad for business. The basis of their belief system is a rejection of rationality.

Rational thinking is a survival tool. So is irrationality. Generally speaking, for important matters, I'll take the former. For entertainment, the latter will often do.

That's all I care to write about this since it's a big subject and one can go on and on.

Think I'll go back to rubbing. Volunteers?


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