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*rolling up my metaphorical (or is that metaphysical) sleeves*

Really now rs??? *S* So let me get this straight! In your estimation...that which is talked about in Astrological circles "isn't worth a pinch of space dust"! Right??? Now would that statement be based upon INSIDER knowledge??? *S*

I'll betcha dollars to donuts it's NOT!

Being the logically minded Scientist that I truly rooly am...I have a point in logic to put on the table here! Why do those that have NOT studied a particular discipline....feel so secure in their ~right~ to poo poo it's veracity??? *S*

I say a great big: Tsk Tsk and Au Contrare Misseur!!!! to ya rs! One can neither prove NOR disprove... any "hypothesis".... unless either they themselves have studied the discipline or they study the step by step works of one who did!

Sooooo! Which be the case for you? Are you: Person #1) One who has personally studied Astrology??? Person #2) One who has Read the works of Carl Jung, Alice Bailey, Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Jeffrey Wolf Green etc etc etc (the list is endless) or Person #3) One who UNSCIENTIFICALLY presented that which was really an unsubstantiated though it were fact! ????

Of course if you HAVE personally studied Astrology in depth and you wish to enlighten me as to precisely WHERE you feel the discipline did not meet up with your expectations...I'd be more than happy to see your data as I personally have not yet found such an occurance! *S*

And regarding your statement regarding the use of your crystal balls...I would be very remiss if I did not point out something here that I just happen to know. Bear in mind however that I do not come to this knowledge experientially as I do not own any crystal balls...but rather in the course of my studies! Anyway! Regarding your statement about "rubbing them" *LOL*.......well....all I can say there is that you're not suppose to be "rubbing them" by yourself! For optimum output one should ALWAYS allow another party to ~rub them~.... picks up additional ~vibrations~ that wayyyy wayyy wayyy outweigh (no pun intended) what you ...all by your little self... could elicit!


Ohhh One more thing!

For the record: I did note the *smile* at the end of your post though! *BWG*

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