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Hi BigPaul!

It's easy to see that this boy really ~touched~ your Heart...and that's so wonderful to see. We live in a society today that tries so hard to come off as detached and uncaring....but I know for a fact that there's a whole lot of ~Love~ out there....and your search for help for this boy ....(a boy who you could have passed right by) clear cut evidence of that!

When I wrote for the paper....I did a bit of investigation once to help out an young (teenage) unwed mother and was surprised to find out all of the resources one has....when they just do a bit of noseying around!!!! I used the contacts I had to get my feet in a few doors *smile*...but...I didn't feel I knew it was for someone in need!

Sooooo! I just just my contacts again *LOL*....and I found out that there is a place for Homeless Boys on Staten Island called: Boy's Hope. It's in Great Kills somewhere. I have two telephone numbers for it. It's run by a Catholic Nun. I happen to be most of my contacts are in that arena.....but I'm sure that each and every organized religion has something of the same nature...and while I haven't called them yet (or your can if you prefer) ...I do want you to know that my contact is VERY reliable....and that I don't believe for a moment that the Home would turn the boy out if he himself is not "Catholic"!

Anyway....that's the story!!! They might already be booked...and they might even already have a waiting list ....but heck! You don't know if you don't call! Right? And...even if they can't give the boy a home...perhaps they can direct you to someone else who can! *S*

The telephone numbers for Boy's Hope are: 984-8466 or 876-6248. The program is run by a Sister Nancy Decesare.

Good Luck and keep us posted! *S*

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