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Yesterday while I was kite buggying down at Miller Field I met an 18 year old boy.
He was interested in what I was doing and we started to converse. He wound up telling me that he was from Rochester, NY. He said that he had been arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana and he had been sent to a reform school for 1 year. While he was in reform school he had got himself into a fight which got him another year. Than he escaped and ran away. His story might have been total BS but he obviously has some real troubles. It did not seem that he had any kind of real family life. Now he is living and sleeping on the beach at the end of New Dorp Lane. He seemed like a nice polite kid and I really felt bad for him. I was wondering if there was some way I could help this young confused person out. The best advise I could give him was that he should go back and face the music and get it out of the way so he could live the rest of his life. I also told him that he should call his Mother. He did not want to hear any of this. In the mean time he is living on the beach and he has no money. Trouble is tapping him on the shoulder. Does any body know where a kid like this can go for safe haven and to get off the street? It seems that he wants to stay on Staten Island.

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