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Around 1960 the NYPhil played at the Paramount in Stapleton. I was at Wagner Institute of Higher Learnin,' as we sometimes called it after a pitcher or two at the Buddy-Buddy Club on Clove Road, and wanted to attend the performance, starring Lenny the B. So I got the school newspaper to write a report on the concert, the first one I ever attended.

I attended. I wrote a report. I submitted it. I don't remember anything about it except a phrase I used which still embarrasses me for having the foolishness to have used it at all. It went something to the effect, "Culture starved Staten Islanders..." enjoyed the NYPhil, etc.

Now where did I get off saying anything like that! Speak for yourself, is what I would have told myself now, why include the rest. How do you know what they're starved for, and what they're not. That would have been a much better position for someone like myself who hadn't a clue.

BTW, speaking of Culture, my son and I passed through Hangtown yesterday, speeding along the freeway so I could get to court on time a few hours away. Felt bad about not bothering OldTimer, so we slowed to around sixty and I gave a big wave out the window, as a gesture of respect.

Remind me to tell you about the Hangtown Philharmonic someday!


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