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The Monsignor was so thrilled to finally settle this that he told Queen Regina to get her act together immediately and that the next Friday at two P.M he was going to baptize the three children. He told her to get her act together. No more taking chances that something may happen to one of them and not even to have a name to call them by.

It is to be a private ceremony only attended by the immediate family and close friends, the attendants and the priest and his assistants. It would be in the chapel on the Castle grounds and announced later after the event was over.

Queen Regina picked the names of Andrew, Randall and Amanda and numerous middle names after the saints. Thus we will now have Andy, Randy and Mandy as nick-names. Guess you all can figure the Prince in line to the throne is Andrew and Randy is the mischief maker of the trio. Amanda is the darling of the Queen Mum, Oldtymer and a joy to be around. The triplets were so delightful and kept all in stitches with their antics. The household has not been the same for the last year. Thank heavens that they finally have names and not too hard to remember as their sex and disposition makes it easy to tell the boys apart.

Doctor Sunderson checked them constantly to see that they are always up to date with their shots and that no cold goes untreated. They are doted over and seem healthy little children.

Now that they are over their infant demands on her time the Queen is restless and wanting to get out more and about the Island. The loving friends are only too willing to see that she does just that.

The beautiful grounds are all in bloom and the children's playground now fully finished.

It is now time to get on with life as it was before the arrival of the babies..........

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