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A number of years ago I was on the USS Midway. One day I struck up a conversation with a young chaplain as I noticed that he was wearing a set of wings. About that time the senior chaplain made an announcement over the ships communication system. One of the sailors had just left him after receiving a "DEAR JOHN" letter. The chaplain asked the crew to pray for their shipmate. The chaplain I had been talking to then related the following story.

On a previous cruise the same thing happened. This sailor climbed out on one on the extending antennas. As a crowed gathered he shouted that he had received a "Dear John" and was going to jump. This chaplain was summoned. He cried out that this would pass. No luck. The chaplain inched out. He stated that the sailors parents and family loved him. No luck. He inched out further. He stated that his shipmates loved him. No luck. He inched out still further. Then he played his ace: God lives you and has a plan for you. No luck. The chaplain looked down and realized he was out over the passing wake. He looked the young sailor in the eyes and said: Look if you jump in I will have to jump in after you. I can't swim. We will both drown. If you don't come down now I will brake both your F.....g legs. The sailor climbed down.

God works in mysterious ways!

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