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Once again I see the Congress votes itself another undeserved raise. The last time I called my local congressman to protest. Of course it did little to dissuade him and he accepted it anyway.

There is something dreadfully wrong with a society whose leaders consistently receive more than they are elected to serve. But who's kidding whom? These men and women do not know the meaning of the word "serve" beyond them getting the serving. They are so far out of the "real" world that the rest of us live in.

I would like to see any one of the members of Congress make it on the minimum wage. I would like to see any one of them try to decide whether to eat this month or buy medicine. I would like to see any one of them actually do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. I would like to see the rest of us vote them out of office and start over, but of course that is not reality.

In reality, the haves just keep getting and the rest of us keep on giving. I would be over-joyed to try and make ends meet on just a fraction of what their old salary was. Oh well, no one ever told me life was fair.

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