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Look. Anyone who leaves a piece of valuable property where someone else can grab it is asking for nothing but trouble.

If this writer had written that the family flag of great sentimental value had been displayed all night and was there in the morning, we'd all have ooh'd and aah'd. What a great country, we'd have thought.

In the real world, we keep valuable items, economic or sentimental, under lock and key, or watched by a uniformed security guard at all times.

This is the lesson of New York. Witness Tiffany and Cartier, and Joe's Hot Dog Stand.

It is the lesson of America.

It is the lesson of the world of humans.

They're nice people, but good fences and good locks make for good neighbors.

You learned that on StatNisland.

You could keep your door unlocked, but when you got off the Ferry in NooYawk, you kept one hand on your wallet at all times.

They was them, and we was us.


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