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In 1960, my father-in-law died. He was proud to be a World War I Veteran. At the conclusion of his memorial service, the U.S flag was presented to his widow. Shortly after that, Mom gave that flag to us.

We enjoy displaying that flag on special patriotic days. This is the 48-star flag, since Alaska and Hawaii had not yet been admitted to the union.

On Sunday, July 4, we again proudly hung the flag on our front porch. Since July 5 was an official holiday and since we leave the porch light burning all night, we decided to leave the flag up. Stupid!

How sad on Monday morning to find that our flag had been stolen. Are there no limits?

Perhaps someone is aware that a friend has become the possessor of a 5-foot by 9 1/2- foot, 48-star flag of the United States of America. It has a great deal of sentimental value to our family. Why not return it? Thanks.

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