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NY Daily News Editorial, July 20, 1999


One of the Internet's most popular
companies, Yahoo!, has booted 37 hate
clubs from its Web browser. Yahoo! to

This is not about the First Amendment
or censorship. It's about a private
enterprise saying it will not be a party to

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and
other extremists are using the Internet
to recruit alienated kids to their sick
causes. Clubs such as KKK for Teens,
Mein Kampf Nazi Spirit and the
Trenchcoat Mafia Glee Club are spewing
their venom all over the Web. When the
anti-hate Simon Wiesenthal Center
complained to Yahoo!, the company
banned hatemongers from its service.

It's time for other companies to do the
same. Consider this: In April, the
Wiesenthal Center identified 1,400
extremist groups on the Internet; since
then, the number has exploded to 2,100.

Some of these sites teach bomb building,
distribute hate music and encourage
anarchy. Remember, the Columbine High
School killers learned to make bombs
from the Internet.

"We are not the thought police, and
we're not looking to boycott anyone,"
says Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the
Wiesenthal Center. "But the people who
put up these sites are committed racists.
They want your kids, and they see the
Web as a phenomenal tool."

Parents can help. Buy such software as
CyberPatrol, SurfWatch and HateFilter
to shield kids from hate sites. Then
demand that Internet providers clean up
their act.

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